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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is used to provide information of a side readable.
RSS is mostly applied if the user want to obtain articles of different sides regularly.
You need a RSS-reader to read the RSS-Feeds.

  Many browsers and e-mail programmes can display RSS feeds. All you need to do is subscribe to the feeds - and that's it, nothing else. If you would like to read our RSS feed browser-free, you require a separate RSS reader. This will enable you to keep up to date even without a browser.
You must "subscribe" the RSS feed in your browser or use a special newsreader software. In Internet Explorer, you find the orange RSS icon to the right of the tabs, while in Firefox it is placed next to the address field. In Firefox you can install a so-called live bookmark, which will appear in the bookmark toolbar. Similarly, Mac/Safari users can use the RSS icon.

If you already use RSS feeds then click on the RSS symbol. Your browser will then add the ESSIM-2012-NEWS-feed automatically to your RSS subscriptions.

If you want to read RSS feeds with your mail programme (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and Opera), you can easily find out how it works by using the programme's help function.

As a subscriber of our RSS-Feed you will obtain the latest news regularly.

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updated Oktober 2011


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