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ESSIM 2012


ESSIM 2012

The Modelling Week — PROJECTS REPORTS

Project 1: Optimizing a complex hydroelectric cascade in an electricity market Report

Project 2: Parameter estimation in production processes Report

Project 3: Modelling of a Storage Water Heater Report

Project 4: Mathematics of the eye: modeling corneal curvature Report

Project 5: Phantom footballs and impossible free-kicks: modelling the flight of modern soccer balls Report

Project 6: Model the effect on health of contamination from airborne source(s) Report

Project 7: Optimal heating of an indoor swimming pool Report

Project 8: What are the effects of anatomical changes in the human arterial system? Report

Project 9: How do we go from medical images to computational haemodynamic simulations? Report

Project 10: Morphogenesis and Dynamics of Multicellular Systems Report

Project 11: Risky "risk reduction"? Serosorting, strategic positioning and the spread of HIV amongst men who have sex with men. Report

Project 12: Maximal tipping angles of nonempty bottles Report

Project 13: Tank size optimization Report

Project 14: Efficient management of a dairy farm Report

updated January 31, 2013, Antje Noack


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