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ESSIM 2012


ESSIM 2012

The Modelling Week

(August 19 - 26, 2012)

The students form international teams of 5 students each.
Representatives from industry or commerce or supervisors from ECMI universities present real-world problems to the teams.

The teams are not asked to solve specific equations. A typical question might be, "Why is it possible to produce a tone of low frequency with a cubical organ pipe?" or "How can you cool glass without putting too much stress on the material?" or "How does one check the reliability and efficiency of a portfolio?"

After the assignment of the problems, the teams start to work. First, they have to understand the problem. In this phase, the instructor will answer questions. Then, mathematical descriptions have to be found. In most cases, computer programmes for simulations are developed, using MATLAB, C, C++ or other languages or packages. If the results do not provide a satisfying answer to the original problem, the model has to be changed or refined. Consequently, an iteration process is carried out until the results satisfy both team and instructor.

At the end of the week, each team presents its results to the other participants. Afterwards, the groups write a report which is later published in the proceedings.

The modelling week is hard work but also a lot of fun!

It ends with a cheerful dinner where everyone contributes something which is typical for their country.

updated January 2012


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