The aim of the symposium was to bring together both experienced and young researchers whose work is in some way related to operator semigroups and linear evolution equations.

The meeting also marked the occasion of the 60th birthday of Professor Charles Batty and celebrated his contributions to the various areas of mathematics in the symposium’s title.

Main speakers

Alexandru Aleman (Lund)                       Sylvie Monniaux (Marseille)
Charles Batty (Oxford)                            Nikolai Nikolski (Bordeaux)
Isabelle Chalendar (Lyon)                       Jan Prüß (Halle)
Brian Davies (London)                            László Székelyhidi (Leipzig)
Jean Esterle (Bordeaux)                         Christoph Thiele (Bonn)
Fritz Gesztesy (Columbia MO)                Ivan Veselić (Chemnitz)
Håkan Hedenmalm (Stockholm)            Lutz Weis (Karlsruhe)
Alessandra Lunardi (Parma)


Wolfgang Arendt (Ulm)
Ralph Chill (Dresden)
Yuri Tomilov (Toruń, Warsaw)


The organisers gratefully acknowledge financial support from the VolkswagenStiftung.