Aims and scope

The idea of this symposium was to bring together, from various fields and communities within mathematics, both experts and young researchers whose work has some relation to operator semigroups and linear evolution equations.

Our hope was that the meeting of various experts would be fruitful for the domain, as it has been so often in the past – think, for instance, of the impact of complex analysis on spectral theory, resolvent estimates and the theory of asymptotic behaviour of semigroups and of the impact of harmonic analysis (Fourier analysis and singular integrals) not only on the theory of maximal regularity and on nonlinear parabolic PDE but also on the theory of Strichartz estimates and hyperbolic PDE. Mathematical Physics is at the origin of countless deep problems in semigroup theory, and accordingly our focus was also on the interaction between Mathematical Physics and more abstract mathematical theories.

The symposium was thus intended to be a platform for the transfer of ideas between various subfields of mathematics, and we hope that all participants profited from this exchange.