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Sektion 17
Dienstag, 19.09.2000, 14.30–15.20 Uhr, WIL B 321

Eine traurige Episode im Leben FERMATs

Klaus Barner, Universität Kassel

Am 6. Februar 1658 schrieb der Engländer Sir KENELM DIGBY in einem Brief, in welchem er sich über FERMATs Säumigkeit beschwert, aus Paris an JOHN WALLIS in Oxford: But ever since, from time to time, I had nothing from him but excuses, and still remitting me to the next, and the next. It is true it came to him upon the nick of his removing his seat of Judicature from Castres to Tholose, where he is supreme Judge in the sovereign Court of Parliament. And since that, he hath been taken up with some Capital causes of great importance, in which in the end he hath given a famous and much applauded sentence for the burning of a Priest that had abused his function; which is but newly finished; and execution done accordingly. But this which might be an excuse to many other, is none to Mouns. Fermat, who is incredibly quick and smart in any thing he taketh in hand. Diese Briefstelle ist von E. .T. BELL, M. S. MAHONEY und A. WEIL unterschiedlich bewertet worden. Welche Rolle hat FERMAT bei dieser makabren Geschichte gespielt?