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Fachrichtung Mathematik

Seminar Algebra, Geometrie und Kombinatorik

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Sommersemester 2016

Do, 16.6.2016, 13:15 Uhr, WIL/C/133 Expansion, Random Walks and Sieving in SL2(Fp [t])
Dr. Henry Bradford, U Göttingen

Do, 9.6.2016, 13:15 Uhr, WIL/C/133 Semigroups in coarse geometry and operator algebras
Dr. Martin Finn-Sell, U Wien

Do, 2.6.2016, 13:15 Uhr, WIL/C/133 Polycyclic monoids and Cuntz algebras via strange number systems
Tamás Waldhauser, Bolyai Institute, Szeged, Hungary

Do, 12.5.2016, 13:15 Uhr, WIL/C/133 An exotic group as limit of finite special linear groups
Dr. Alessandro Carderi, TU Dresden

Do, 28.4.2016, 13:15 Uhr, WIL/C133 Limits of random tree-like combinatorial structures
Dr. Benedikt Stufler, Mathematisches Institut der LMU München

Do, 21.4.2016, 13:15 Uhr, WIL/C133 Fractional polymorphisms and LP relaxations of VCSPs
Dr. Johann Thapper, Université Paris-Est, France

Do, 14.4.2016, 13:15 Uhr, WIL/C133 Entropy and graph convergence
Prof. Dr. Miklós Abért, MTA Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics, Budapest, Hungary