" TU Dresden, Mathematik, Seminar Algebra, Geometrie und Kombinatorik
Fachrichtung Mathematik

Seminar Algebra, Geometrie und Kombinatorik

Ein Seminar der Institute Algebra und Geometrie.

Do, 21.1.2016, 13:15 Uhr, WIL/C133 Tree-like Homogeneous Structures, their reducts, automorphism groups, and polymorphism clones
Prof. Dr. Manuel Bodirsky, TU Dresden

Do, 7.1.2016, 13:15 Uhr, WIL/C133 Max-closed semilinear constraints
Dr. Marcello Mamino, TU Dresden

Do, 17.12.2015, 13:15 Uhr, WIL/C133 Speed of random walks, isoperimetry and compression on finitely generated groups
Dr. Jérémie Brieussel, Université de Montpellier

Do, 10.12.2015, 13:15 Uhr, WIL/C133 Uniform Birkhoff
Michael Pinsker, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague
Do, 3.12.2015, 13:15 Uhr, WIL/C133 Kurze Beschreibungen endlicher Gruppen
Katrin Tent, U Münster
Do, 26.11.2015, 13:15 Uhr, WIL/C133 Invariable generation of the symmetric group
Sean Eberhard, MMath (Cantab), Oxford University

Do, 19.11.2015, 13:15 Uhr, WIL/C133 Quasi-isometry and topological orbit-equivalence
Andreas Thom, TU Dresden
Do, 5.11.2015, 13:15 Uhr, WIL/C133 Infinite partition regular linear systems of equations
Hanno Lefmann, TU Chemnitz

Do, 29.10.2015, 13:15 Uhr, WIL/C133 Embedding expanders in groups and applications
Damain Osajda, U Wroclawski and IMPAN

Do, 15.10.2015, 13:15 Uhr, WIL/C/133 Group Walk Random Graphs
Agelos Georgakopoulos, U Warwick

Abstract: I will discuss a construction of finite 'geometric' random graphs motivated by the study of random walks on infinite groups. This construction has connections to other topics, including the Poisson boundary and Sznitman's random interlacements (which I will try to introduce in a gentle way).