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Workshop on Jump Processes and Stochastic Analysis 2017

Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd of September 2017

Arrival Information

This is a workshop jointly organized by TU Dresden and our DAAD MaJKo partners in Japan Kansai University (Osaka, Japan) and Korea Seoul National University (Seoul, South Korea). The workshop is open to colleagues from other universities. Apart from the dissemination of state-of-the-art scientific results, it aims to train advanced students and to provide a platform for young researchers.

Please send a short mail to  rene.schilling (at)
There will be a small nominal fee for tea & coffee during the breaks.

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Organizers:        Renι SCHILLING, Toshihiro UEMURA (Kansai University)

B 321, Willersbau, Zellescher Weg 12-14, Dresden
A detailed description how to find us is given here.

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Friday, September 1st (Room: WIL B 321)

08:15–08:55 Registration


09:00–09:30 Toshihiro Uemura
(Kansai U, Osaka, Japan)
Gamma-convergence of symmetric jump-type Dirichlet forms
09:35–10:05 Tadeusz Kulczycki
(TU Wroclaw, Poland)
Regularity properties of solutions of equations -(-\Delta)^{\alpha/2} u = f(x,u)
Coffee break
10:30–11:00 Stavros Vakeroudis
(U Cyprus)
Windings of planar stochastic processes
11:05–11:35 Seiichiro Kusuoka
(Okayama U, Japan)
Recurrence of the Brownian motion in multidimensional semi-selfsimilar random environments
11:40–12:10 Yuichi Shiozawa
(Osaka U, Japan)
Upper rate functions of Brownian motion type for symmetric jump processes
14:00–14:30 Krzysztof Szajowski
(TU Wroclaw, Poland)
A multilateral rational stopping
14:35–15:05 Mitsushi Tamaki
(Aichi U, Japan)
Optimal selection from a sequence of relatively best objects
Coffee break
15:30–16:00 Nikola Sandrić
(U Zagreb, Croatia)
Ergodicity of diffusion processes
16:05–16:35 Viktoriya Knopova
(TU Dresden, Germany)
Regularity of the solution to the Dirichlet problem in L-shaped domains
16:40–17:10 Changsong Deng
(Wuhan U, China)
Explicit convergence rates for sub-geometric ergodic Markov processes under subordination
19:00 Conference dinner

Saturday, September 2nd (Room: WIL B 321)

09:00–09:30 Takashi Kumagai
(Kyoto RIMS, Japan)
Heat kernel estimates for time fractional equations
09:35–10:05 Karol Szczypkowski
(TU Wroclaw, Poland)
Heat kernels of non-symmetric Levy processes
Coffee break
10:30–11:00 Stefan Neukamm
(TU Dresden, Germany)
Large scale regularity for random elliptic operators
11:05–11:35 Zoran Vondraček
(U Zagreb, Croatia)
On purely discontinuous additive functionals of subordinate Brownian motions
11:40–12:10 Kamil Kaleta
(TU Dresden, Germany)
The large time evolution in the nonlocal Schrodinger equation
Buffet Lunch
13:30–14:00 Franziska Kόhn
(TU Dresden, Germany)
On martingale problems and Feller processes
14:05–14:35 Kei Noba
(Kyoto U, Japan)
Generalization of refracted Levy processes
Coffee break
15:00–15:30 Kyung-Youn Kim
(Seoul National U, S. Korea)
Estimates of Dirichlet heat kernel for symmetric Markov processes
15:35–16:05 Matsuo Tomisaki
(Nara Women's U, Japan)
Time changed skew product diffusion processes
16:10–16:40 Gerald Trutnau
(Seoul National U, S. Korea)
Existence and uniqueness results for Ito-SDEs with general drifts and Sobolev diffusion coefficients

Autor: Renι Schilling