Workshop Numerical Analysis for Singularly Perturbed Problems
(dedicated to the 60th birthday of Martin Stynes)

Workshop Singularly Perturbed Problems

Talks & Slides

Linear Solvers for Singularly Perturbed Problems

Niall Madden (NUI Galway)

There has been great interest in the design and analysis of numerical schemes that yield robust solutions to singularly perturbed problems. However, there have been only a small number of studies concerning the solution to the associated linear systems.
In this talk we discuss some difficulties that arise when applying standard direct solvers to finite difference discretizations of reaction-diffusion equations. Furthermore, we will present some recent developments of multigrid approaches for these problems.
Particular emphasis will be given to coupled systems of reaction-diffusion problems — an area of study that was originally suggested to me many years ago by Martin Stynes.

This is joint work with Scott MacLachlan, Tufts University.

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