Workshop Numerical Analysis for Singularly Perturbed Problems
(dedicated to the 60th birthday of Martin Stynes)

Workshop Singularly Perturbed Problems

Talks & Slides

Some remarks on grad-div stabilization of incompressible flow simulations.

Gert Lube (Institute for Numerical and Applied Mathematics, Georg-August University Goettingen)

We consider the numerical simulation of the incompressible Navier-Stokes problem with inf-sup stable finite element pairs for velocity and pressure. While Scott-Vogelius pairs have the advantage of strong pointwise conservation of mass, Taylor-Hood elements very often require grad-div stabilization to improve mass conservation. We give a critical review of previous and recent results on the design of stabilization parameters. Finally, we propose a potentially new approach to the design problem based on information about the velocity gradient.

Last change: 21 November 2011