Chair of Numerical Optimization


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The Additive Integrality Gap of the Skiving Stock Problem - Theoretical Concepts, Upper Bounds and Construction Principles -
J. Martinovic
2018, November
A. Fischer and G. Scheithauer
Models and Algorithms for Discrete Receive Beamforming
J. Israel
2017, July
A. Fischer
Local Convergence of Newton-type Methods for Nonsmooth Constrained Equations and Applications M. Herrich 2014, December A. Fischer
Exact Approaches for Higher-Dimensional Orthogonal Packing and Related Problems M. Mesyagutov 2014, February G. Scheithauer and A. Fischer
Pairwise Classification and Pairwise Support Vector Machines
C. Brunner
2012, May
A. Fischer
The Method and the Trajectory of Levenberg-Marquardt R. Behling 2011, March A. N. Iusem (IMPA, Brazil) and A. Fischer
Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithms for Nonlinear Equations, Multi-objective Optimization, and Complementarity Problems
P. K. Shukla
2010, February
A. Fischer
Problems, Models, and Algorithms in One-and Two-Dimensional Cutting
G. Belov
2004, February
G. Scheithauer and A. Fischer

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Author: Andreas Fischer