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Formal Concept Analysis is a branch of applied mathematics. Based on a mathematization of concept and concept hierarchy it activates mathematical methods for conceptual data analysis and knowledge processing. Have a (PostScript-)look at an intro, or view a small example (or a Beispiel) of a concept lattice.
Several books on Formal Concept Analysis have appeared, among them the first textbook on FCA in English.
This book and its German version are out of print. We are working on a second edition, but that will take a while. A Chinese edition is also in preparation.
Springer has given us the permission to distribute (ancillary) copies of the first edition until the second edition is ready.
There are some simple LaTeX macro files for typesetting FCA stuff: LaTeX for FCA (current version: October 2007).
An extensive publication list and many other useful hints can be found on the Homepage of the Ernst-Schröder-Zentrum.
Have a look at Uta Priss' FCA-pages!
Some other links point to various FCA-related activities in Germany or elsewhere.

Cognitive organization of person attributes: Measurement procedures and statistical models

Conflict avoidance in additive order diagrams.

Pattern structures and their projections

Pseudo models and propositional Horn inference.

Attribute exploration with background knowledge.

Stepwise construction of the Dedekind-MacNeille completion.

Begriffe und Implikationen.

Sildes from the Summer School "Knowledge Structures", Dresden June 2006.

Prof.Dr. Bernhard Ganter
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