LaTeX for FCA

Current version is 2.1, Oct. 2007.

For typesettig papers on Formal Concept Analysis with LaTeX, the style file fca.sty may be useful. It offers support for making cross-tables and lattice diagrams and contains macros for some frequently used FCA symbols.

Version 2 of fca.sty was written for better compatibility with pdfLaTeX. It no longer uses eepic; instead, it uses the packages pict2e and calc. These should be available for most LaTeX installations, e.g. for the TeX Live distribution. Moreover, a self-made newdrawline.sty is provided replacing eepic's \drawline command.

Should you have problems with version 2.1, you may try the old one.

There is a documentation file fcadoc, available as .ps or as .pdf, but also in .tex format.
If you download fca.sty and fcadoc.tex, you should be able to LaTeX the latter and view the documentation.

I have also written small programs (in old fashioned PASCAL) named cxt2fca and conexp2fca. cxt2fca takes as input a formal context in Burmeister's .cxt format, as is generated e.g. by the CONIMP program. As output, it generates a LaTeX file for the formal context.
There is a bash shell script named cxtview which invokes cxt2fca, LaTeXes the file and displays the .ps output.

conexp2fca takes as input the diagram data of Sergei Yevtushenko's CONEXP program (in .txt format) and outputs a LaTeX file. These files usually need some handwork afterwards.

All these files were written for my personal use. It is very likely that they contain errors. They come without warranty.

The LaTeX style file. Requires newdrawline.sty (see next line).
Another style file needed by fca.sty.
The documentation (postscript)
The documentation (Adobe PDF)
The documentation (LaTeX file), Bfcadoc.pdf
Booklet versions of the documentation
Changes wrt. an older version of fca.sty
How to use fca.sty
Hints for installing.
The compiled version of the .cxt --> LaTeX program (Linux). It is rather unlikely that this will run on your computer. If not, you may try to compile
the Pascal source of the cxt2fca program (written for Linux Free Pascal)
A bash shell script that calls cxt2fca, then LaTeX, then dvips, then gv to show the result.
The compiled version of the CONEXP --> LaTeX program (Linux). Again, you may have to compile
The Free Pascal source code of the program.