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Henri Mühle


I am currently a postdoc at the Dresden University of Technology. My research interests concern algebraic combinatorics and lattice theory. Here is some further information about myself.

Open Problems

Here is a short list of problems that I've encountered in the last years. I'd be happy to talk about these.
  • Sequence A215582 counts the number of proper mergings of two antichains of the same size. The current proof uses a generating function approach, but I would like to have a bijective one.
  • Computer experiments suggest that the number of all permutations simultaneously avoiding the patterns 41352, 42351, 51342, 52341 is given by sequence A212198 in the OEIS. I'm curious about a bijection from these permutations to any of the objects listed in this link. Note that these are precisely the permutations that are sortable with respect to at least one Coxeter element of the symmetric group.
  • Sequences A292790, A292852, and A292853 count lattices with certain properties. I'd be happy to see more terms here.

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