Preprints & Notes

Affine processes beyond stochastic continuity (with Thorsten Schmidt and Robert Wardenga). Submitted (2018)

Affine forward variance models (with Jim Gatheral). Submitted (2018)

Forward-Invariance and Wong-Zakai Approximation for Stochastic Moving Boundary Problems (with Marvin Müller). Submitted (2018)

Detecting independence of random vectors II. Distance multivariance and Gaussian multivariance  (with Björn Böttcher and Rene Schilling). Submitted (2017)

Semi-Static and Sparse Variance-Optimal Hedging (with Paolo Di Tella and Martin Haubold). Submitted (2017)

Semi-Static Variance-Optimal Hedging in Stochastic Volatility Models with Fourier Representation (with Paolo Di Tella and Martin Haubold). Submitted (2017)

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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[21] Detecting independence of random vectors: generalized distance covariance and Gaussian covariance.  (with Björn Böttcher and Rene Schilling). Modern Stochastics: Theory and Applications, 5/3, 353-383 (2018).

[20] Correction to: ‘Yield curve shapes and the asymptotic short rate distribution in affine one-factor models’.  Finance and Stochastics, 22/2, 503-510 (2018).

[19] Implied volatility in strict local martingale models (with Antoine Jacquier). SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics, 9/1, 171-189 (2018).

[18] Geometric Asian Option Pricing in General Affine Stochastic Volatility Models with Jumps (with Friedrich Hubalek and Carlo Sgarra). Quantitative Finance, 17/6, 873-888 (2017).

[17] A Stefan-type stochastic moving boundary problem (with Marvin Müller). Stochastics and Partial Differential Equations: Analysis and Computations, 4/4, 746-790 (2016).

[16] Affine Processes on Symmetric Cones (with Christa Cuchiero, Eberhard Mayerhofer and Josef Teichmann). Journal of Theoretical Probability 29/2, 359-422 (2016).

[15] Simple examples of pure-jump strict local martingales. Stochastic Processes and Applications 125/11, 4142-4153 (2015).

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[2] Moment Explosions in Stochastic Volatility Models (with Peter Friz). Contribution to Encyclopedia of Quantitative Finance (2009).

[1] Yield Curve Shapes and the Asymptotic Short Rate Distribution in Affine One-Factor Models (with Thomas Steiner). Finance & Stochastics 12/2, 149-172 (2008).


Other Publications/Notes

Affine Processes – Theory and Applications in Finance: A slightly updated version of my PhD thesis. Completed in January 2009 under supervision of Josef Teichmann.

Forward-Start Options in the Barndorff-Nielsen-Shephard Model (with Fiodar Kilin) CQPF Working Paper Series at the Frankfurt School of Finance (2008).

An Intuitive Introduction to Operator Semi-groups: A short note on operator semi-groups and generators of Markov process. Written January 2006.