Mutabor is a program that supports the live music with micro tones. It allows to play any pitches, even those which are not availlable on ordinary keyboards. An important application is the „just intonation“.

Mutabor uses its own musical language to describe pitches, (re)tunings and reactions to events (chords, keys, MIDI signals). Furthermore, MIDI ports, MIDI files, and GMN files can be used in the same manner, mixed and output.

Mutabor is a low-cost device, but its services in the area of intonation are still significantly beyond that which provides today's live equipment to musicians. It provides easy access to static and mutating tunings, can quickly switch between them, and allows the performer to experiment freely with them. So it is interesting for many users: for Musicians, who want to explore and compare the ancient tunings, in ear training, for music theory, as a tonal experimentation field for composers, and much more.

Latest news:

Migration to SourceForge
     keinstein - 2014-Feb-16 09:38   -   Mutabor
Since BerliOS is closing its developer platform, Mutabor needs a new project hosting site. Since BerliOS and SourceForge provide a limitied conversion service the project follows path that involves the minimal interaction.
Mutabor 4.0.0beta2 released
     keinstein - 2012-Oct-21 15:52   -   Mutabor
After huge changes a new beta version of the dynamic MIDI microtuner Mutabor has been released. This release includes some major code restructuring effords. Thus it not only fixes several bugs, but might introduce new ones.
Version 4.0.0beta1
     keinstein - 2012-Apr-15 20:22   -   Mutabor
Finally, the decision is made: the new Mutabor version will be called 4.0. So all pre-releases will be numbered 4.0.something. Though the core has not changed very much, nearly everything else has been rewritten in one or the other way since 3.0 has been released.
Mutabor has switched to GIT
     keinstein - 2012-Mar-18 14:50   -   Mutabor
After some years of using CVS for development the repsitory has been converted towards git. According to git conventions the main branch is now called “master”.

Instructions to check out the source tree can be found at
Mutabor is usable again (3.1.0beta0)
     keinstein - 2011-Dec-11 17:55   -   Mutabor
With the implementation of a new editor, all functions of Mutabor 3.0 should be availlable in 3.1. This is the time to change the status into beta. This means the software should be usable but might still contain some errors. The more people are using Mutabor, the more errors can be found and the faster the final release state can be reached.
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