This page contains a collection of files provided by the Mutabor team. You can download them to your computer. In order to decide which version to use, we refer to our system requrements page.

When you click on the subsection headers, you will be lead to the description of the corresponding version. The actual version is Mutabor 4

Mutabor 4

Download page The latest release of the 4th branch can be downloaded from the SourceForge project page. Though this version is less tested, we recommend it to all users. If you recognize any problems, you may send an email to Tobias Schlemmer or add a ticket at SourceForge or a Bug report at GitHub.

Help for translating and updating the documentation is allways appreciated.

Open SUSE Build Service The newest version for different Linux systems. Click on the symbol of your Distribution for further installation instructions.

Mutabor 3

mutabor_install.exe (1033.3 kB) The old Windows only version of Mutabor 3. It comes as installation program.

Mutabor (226.1 kB) The program for Windows (without restrictions). (26.5 kB) The windows help file of Mutabor separetely. It is conained in, mentioned above. (93.2 kB) The manual for Mutabor in the format of Windows Help. This file is contained also in (301.0 kB) Some dll files (help libraries), that might be necessary to convince your windows to run Mutabor Just copy them into the Mutabor folder.

Gudio-Mutabor 3 (96.9 kB) Some software that suports complex routing of the input data. It is a Windows 3.1 console program using Borland EasyWin. (180.9 kB) This version allows to mutate a single GUIDO file compleatly. It is a Windows 3.1 console program using Borland EasyWin. (68.5 kB) This file allows to transform GUIDO files into MIDI files. (394.0 kB) Bedienungsanleitung zu den Programmen aus diesem Abschnitt im PostScript-Format zum Ausdrucken
gmut.pdf (74.1 kB) The users manul of the files in this section for printing in PDF format.

Tonnetz (113.0 kB)
tonnetz.pdf (25.6 kB)
Tonnetz with continental European pitch names for printing.
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