Mutabor 4

Since the PC world has changed over the last decade, Mutabor needs to be adapted to current needs. Thus, Mutabor 4 has been developed to be open source project.

Installation links can be found at the download page.

Enjoy yourself!

Here are some things that have been changed from Mutabor 3:

  • License changes:

    • new License: GPL
  • GUI changes:

    • New GUI using wxWidgets
    • Some new icons based on SVG files.
    • Reorganized Routes window
    • A new source code editor
    • Allow to change Route settings while a logic is active.
  • Changes to the MUTABOR language:

    • New default encoding UTF-8
    • New retuning action HARMONIEAANALYSE/HARMONY_ANALYSIS to trigger harmony analysis
    • Harmony analysis is not triggered by retunings anymore. Use HARMONIEAANALYSE/HARMONY_ANALYSIS where appropriate.
    • Some mathematical operators can be grouped (but not all)
    • Compile in memory without temporary files
  • Internationalization/localisation:

    • Gettext support
    • German as translation
    • English
    • partial russian translation
    • English reference
  • Input/output:

    • Scala file import/export (reads scales and keymap files).
    • Complete MIDI support handles overlapping channel ranges including controller changes, RPN and NRPN values
    • New MIDI library
    • Jack support
  • Operating System:

    • Mac OS X and Linux support

Some words to our users:

At the moment, the Mutabor team consists of 0 to ½ persons. Besides the fact that Mutabor is offered without fee as opon source software we have a request to all users:

In programming there is an unwritten law: “Each program contains at least on error.” No-one can really check every borderline case (even the obvious my not be tastable). If you find any bugs or errors, please in form us via email to or – even better – using our ticket system. We'd be very grateful for the favour.

If you want to further support our project – recommend it and describe it in blogs and tutorials. Furthermore we need help for the translation, adaption and correction of the documentation, which was originally written in German and is not completely translated yet. Programming is only a small part of a project like Mutabor, which can only thrive from the engagement of users in many areas. In all areas your idias, wishes and offers are very welcome.

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