Here, you can download the last version of Mutabor from March, 8th, 1999 (Version T-004, 16bit).

If you want to test, wether your MIDI device supports continuous retunings (pitch bend), play the test file test.mid (136 B) on your device. When you hear always the same tone, Mutabor does not work with your equipment. (226.1 kB) The windows software (without restrictions). (26.5 kB) The help file of Mutabor (in German) as Windows help file. This file is included in (93.2 kB) The manual for Mutabor as Windows help file. This file is included in (301.0 kB) Some DLLs (help libraries), which you might need to run Mutabor on your computer. In case you need them, just copy them into the Mutabor directory, please.

Version history:

Fixed some small bugs, better Tonnetz (file tonenet.mus)
Testware restriction („only for 1998“) has been lifted, Mutabor is free, now
implemented „note sensitive sustain“
First Windows version of Mutabor II
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