Mutabor 3

There ist a new generation at Mutabor 3.x.

Setup of Mutabor 3.0: mutabor_install.exe (1033.3 kB)

The last version of the 3.0 series is 3.05. Since version 3.04 in the output filter of the routes it is possible to check “avoid drum channel”. This is useful if you can hear some strange sound every now and then.

Have fun!

Besides others the following changes against Mutabor II have been implemented in Mutabor 3:

  • Parallel support for several MIDI ports and MIDI files. For the configuration a special route concept has been introduced. The old opportunity of rerouting has been removed, as the new concept is much more flexible.
  • It is now possible to play MIDI files in real time . This includes, that tunings and logics can be changed while playing.
  • Monitoring of several devices at the same time.
  • Read support for the GUIDO music format.

Some words to our users:

At the moment, the Mutabor team consists of 0 to ½ persons. Besides the fact that Mutabor is offered without fee as opon source software we have a request to all users:

In programming there is an unwritten law: „Each program contains at least on error.“ Noone can really check evaey border case (even the obvious is often not tracktable). When you find erros, please inform us via email to or – even better – using our help and support system.

If you want to further support the projcet, recommend it, describe it in blogs and tutorials. Furthermore we need help for the translation, adaption and correction of the documentation, which was originally written in German and is not completely translated, yet. Besides programming, a project like Mutabor lives from the engagement in many areas, while programming is a sufficiantly small part of it. In all areas your idias, wishes and offers are very welcome.


Fix some errors.
It is possible to avoid the drum channel now.
Batch mode for MIDI files.
The program has played wrong tones, when the logic has been started several times. This has been fixed.
full feature, 32bit version: key range as input filter, help still unfinished, bugs?
Help files are incomplete, bugs?
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