ACA 2017 - Computer Algebra in Algebraic Graph Theory

Welcome to the special session on Algebraic Graph Theory of the conference ACA 2017 to take place in Jerusalem, Israel, on July 17-21, 2017.

Session Organizers


The session will concentrate on the application of computer algebra in the area of Algebraic Graph Theory.

We are soliciting for talks which are devoted to concrete examples of applications of GAP, Magma, SageMath and other computer algebra systems in Algebraic Graph Theory. In particular, we invite contributions in line with the following topics:

  • Coherent configurations and association schemes, in particular strongly regular graphs;
  • Regular maps and symmetries of surfaces;
  • Group actions on graphs;
  • Diverse applications of algebra and linear algebra in Algebraic Graph Theory;
  • Links between association schemes and coding theory.

See the full proposal.

Call for contributions

If you are interested in presenting your recent results in this session, please send your title and abstract to Sven Reichard (cc to Roman Nedela) no later than April 30, 2017. Early submissions are appreciated, see the ongoing information about the session on the ACA 2017 homepage.

Each presentation, including Q&A, is 30 minutes. Please use the LaTeX template for your submission, see the page ACA 2017 publications for detailed instructions. Your abstract should be one to two pages long, including references. Please send both the LaTeX source and a compiled PDF version.

As an exception, it is possible to negotiate with the organizers preliminary submission of abstracts in a different format. In any case, once accepted, the abstract should be finally adapted to the standard form.

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