Mathematical modelling of interaction of a circular segment and primary objects
Authors: G. Scheithauer, Y. Stoyan and T. Romanova
Proceedings of the Workshop WS--CSP--2005, Miercurea Ciuc, Rumania 15.-18.9.2005, pp. 37-46
(Short version of Preprint MATH-NM-07-2003, TU Dresden, June 2003.)

Within the field of cutting or packing of irregular shaped objects, $\Phi$-functions for pairs of objects have been proven to be useful tools in modelling as well as algorithmic aspects. In addition to \cite{pre4} further situations will be analysed how to construct $\Phi$-functions for pairs of complex objects by means of $\Phi$-functions for pairs of primary objects. Especially circular segments which result as intersection of a circle and a half-plane, are considered.
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