Scientific Interests

  • Phase-Field Crystal model
  • Liquid crystals on curved interfaces
  • (multiphase) flow in porouse media
  • Flow of complex fluids
  • Implementing the Finite-Elemente method → AMDiS


[16] A microscopic field theoretical approach for active systems (F. Alaimo, S. Praetorius, A. Voigt), In New Journal of Physics, volume 18, 2016. [bibtex] [doi]
[15] Orientational order on surfaces - the coupling of topology, geometry and dynamics (M. Nestler, I. Nitschke, S. Praetorius, A. Voigt), In submitted, 2016. [bibtex] [pdf]
[14] Deformation Analysis of Polymer Foams under Compression Load using In Situ Computed Tomography and Finite Element Simulation Methods (O. Weißenborn, S. Geller, M. Gude, F. Post, S. Praetorius, A. Voigt, S. Aland), In submitted, 2016. [bibtex]
[13] An adaptive finite element multi-mesh approach for interacting deformable objects in flow (S. Ling, W. Marth, S. Praetorius, A. Voigt), In Comput. Meth. Appl. Math., volume 16, 2016. [bibtex] [doi]
[12] Two-dimensional liquid crystalline growth within a phase-field-crystal model (S. Tang, S. Praetorius, R. Backofen, A. Voigt, Y.-M. Yu, J. Wang), In Phys. Rev. E, volume 92, 2015. [bibtex] [doi]
[11] Development and Analysis of a Block-Preconditioner for the Phase-Field Crystal Equation (S. Praetorius, A. Voigt), In SIAM J. Sci. Comp., volume 37, 2015. [bibtex] [doi]
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[1] Interacting Particles in Flowing Solvents - Modeling, Numerics and High-Performance Computing (Simon Praetorius), Master's thesis, Technische Universität Dresden, 2010. [bibtex]

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Dr. Simon Praetorius

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“Mathematics: The (dark) art of avoiding unnecessary computations”


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Simon Praetorius
Technical University Dresden
Faculty of Science
Institute of Scientific Computing
phone: +49 351 463-42377
visiting adress:
work Zellescher Weg 12 - 14
Willersbau, Room B 219
D-01069, Dresden Germany

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